26 Twits

As part of a project that’s pretty much a dream come true for a children’s writer, I was tasked with creating a poem inspired by my favourite Roald Dahl character.

Writerly organisation 26 is famous for its creative projects that match up writers with collaborators. Over the last few years I’ve been involved in a few. But I must admit, none as exciting as this one. The brief for 26 Twits was to write a 100-word poem or story inspired by a favourite Roald Dahl character and to find a young illustrator to bring the words to life.

Well, there was never any question about which character I would choose. It had to be Matilda – avid reader, telekinetic genius, expert parent and teacher embarrasser. ┬áBasically my hero. And there was never any question about who I’d ask to illustrate it. My friend Paula’s super talented 10-year-old son, Riley.

The other important part of the brief was to include a made-up word in the style of Dahl’s famous wordy creations. See if you can spot it in my finished poem, A Warning about Books. Ooh and take a look around the other 25 fabulous 26 Twits while you’re there. A gloriumptious collection!

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