DRIVERS for health equity

Working closely with members of the Employment team at Business in the Community, I took on the role of communications manager to help distil and disseminate the findings of DRIVERS – a major Europe-wide research project. The project looked into health equality from the point of view of three of the main drivers or ‘social determinants’ that influence a person’s health: fair employment, social protection and early childhood development.

The research project itself took place between 2012 and 2015. It was funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme and was carried out by a consortium of research bodies in partnership with organisations representing the public health sector, civil society and business. Business in the Community was mainly involved in the research strand looking into the effects on health of fair employment and working conditions, so most of my role involved helping prepare the results of this research for communication to a variety of employment-related audiences – both internal and external. Here’s the briefing paper for employers as an example.

The challenge on this project was to work through the vast body of research carried out across Europe as part of the DRIVERS project, pull out the main points of interest/importance and summarise and present them in an accessible and interesting way. As well as creating written materials, I was also involved in hosting a successful webinar to share the findings with Business in the Community members.